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to the u.s. by the chinese government first arrived at the national zoo. >> they're very, very cute. >> reporter: doctor anita smith is a psycho therapist from georgetown. she said pandas almost universal appeal has to do with not just how cute they are, but with how they evoke the fondest of childhood memories. >> the soft, cuddly, cute look of the panda, it brings back childhood memories. pandas give us a sense of fun and play that we all need in our lives. >> reporter: if you're hoping to get that sense of fun and play sometime soon, keep in mind that the panda exhibit at the national zoo is expected to remain closed for about another week. derek? >> thank you, matt. >>> west nile virus claimed a second life in virginia. we know the victim lived in fairfax county, but health officials are not releasing any further details. >>> the saying an apple a day keeps a doctor away, it's not true for a group of students at ballou senior high school in southeast. three of these students had to go to the hospital after they ate apples brought in by their teachers. the hazmat unit found nothi
of of the mess on federal agency and prosecutors in phoenix. the intent was to let the guns from the u.s. pass into the hands of suspected drug smugglers and then take them to mexican drug cartels. but they lost track of 2,000 of the weapons and hundreds of them ended up at crime scenes. >>> mitt romney going from defense to offense today. he was aggressively attacking the president's economic policy and during a fund raiser the presidential nominee was working hard trying to steer his message back to the economy and away from the secretly recorded comments he made to high roller campaign donors. >> the question this campaign is not who cares about the poor and the middle class. i do. he does. the question is who can help the poor and the middle class. i can. he can't. >> well, romney's running mate paul ryan spent his day looking for votes in virginia where a brand new poll of likely voters shows president obama leads romney by four points. he's also up six points in wisconsin and one point in colorado. the president and romney will meet in colorado will meet in two weeks. debate number one.
attacks on u.s. embassies. and in his first interview with an american tv station, the president of libya, told nbc news the attack on the u.s. consulate was planned. he also says lib yanz and foreigners were responsible for the assault that killed four americans. jim maceda has more now on the u.s. response from cairo. >> reporter: a four-day stand-off outside the u.s. embassy in cairo ended early this morning. riot police charged the protesters and cleared outta rear square, arresting some 200 along the way. the city began to return to normal as did the country. but friday's day of rage sprea across more than 20 countries. in tunisia today, local citizens and security personnel, surveyed damaged cars and buildings at the u.s. embassy, now protected by armored vehicles. while a marine response team took up position at some western hotels. it wasn't all quiet. as far away as sitny, auydney, trail, protests broke out saying they had defiled their religion. with the whole middle eastern crisis, pope benedict xvi offered a message. he said people of different faiths now live together. in the
'm still here in the u.s.. >> reporter: he says he's now going to work on getting his u.s. citizenship and on starting college. anita. >> what a great outcome. thank you, ken. >>> a deaf woman is attacked near a metro stop, and tonight that suspect is still out there. it happened over the weekend near the rosslyn metro station. the woman was trying to get a cab when she was grabbed and pulled into an alley by the suspect. she fought back, biting the man's hand, after traumatizing the victim, attacker robbed her of $45. investigators are looking at surveillance cameras in the area hoping to identify their suspect. >>> caught on tape, a less than courteous exchange between a metro bus driver and a wtop reporter. this cell phone video shows him confronting the driver who won't show her nametag and refuses to be identified. according to the man, he was trying to parallel park when she rushed up and flashed him a lewd gesture. >> the vast majority of our bus drivers are courteous and provide good service. there are some that do not do that and are rude which is indicated in that particular
/11. >> there were two attacks. tonight, the u.s. navy has launched two warships off the coast of libya. >> tonight, we have team coverage. jackie benson has more on the demonstration outside the white house. but, first, here's chard attacks on u.s. diplomatic buildings. one here in cairo. spontaneous in passion, harmless. the other in benghazi. focused and deadly. protesters in cairo answer a preacher's call on tv to go to the u.s. embassy to denounce a video made in the u.s. that insults islam. by 6:00 p.m., protesters scale walls. no one is hurt, but egyptian police are noticeably slow to arrive. around 10:00 p.m. in libya, militants attack the u.s. consulate in benghazi. they set the consulate on fire. over the next five hours until nearly dawn, u.s. and libyan security personnel inside the consulate battle the militants building to building. four americans, including the consulate, were killed. today, the libyan government, which has close relations with the united states, apologized. and there was a pro-american demonstration in benghazi. but elsewhere in the region, there were anti-american
is stationed. two u.s. marines are dead tonight. nbc's chief pentagon correspondent will join us with new details about that attack. the out rage against america keeps growing tonight overseas. >> protests have spread to more than 20 countries. one of the most violent in tunisia where ta mob tore down n american flag and raised a black banner of al-qaida as four americans murdered on attack returned home. richard engle begins our coverage. >> reporter: u.s. diplomatic out posts now appear to be easy targets. in yemen, for the second day, furious protesters decide to storm the embassy burning american flags as riot police fire water cannons. gunshots can be heard. why? because they say the u.s. isn't doing enough against the makers of that now infamous antiislam video. in tunisia, demonstrators set fires by the u.s. embassy gate. and in sudan, protesters turned their rage on the british and german embassies. those countries had nothing to do with the video. but they're foreign western powers. and for the mob, that's close enough. in cairo, the government called off massive demonstrations.
, disgusting, reprehensible. but that does not provide justification for violence. >> clinton appears in a u.s. government ad that is airing up to ten times a day on pakistani tv. in india, students shouted death to america, burning the american flag. protesters beat an effigy of president obama and burned a box that was supposed to be his coffin. protesters also burned an american flag in afghanistan and thousands took part in a massive demonstration in iraq. muslims called a 14 minute movie trailer an attack on their religion and their value to continue their protest. >>> starting monday, new yorkers will see a controversial ad popping up on their subway system and the person behind that ad wants it launch it here in our metro. the ad reads, in any war between the civilized man and the savage support the civilized man. support israel. defeat jihad. behind it is pamela gellar. she is with a group. some call her ad antimuslim. gellar disagrees. >> honestly, anyone that disagrees with me, i would take a bullet for their right to disagree with me. this is the beauty of america. >> throughout ou
at 11:00, our first look at two former navy s.e.a.l.s killed in libya. protests across the middle east rage on for a third straight night. >>> exclusive video of a fire that knocked out power to a major shopping center. >>> plus, the mystery of a missing drone that went down in the district and the reward being offered for the person who finds it. first, an emotional tribute for a maryland teenager gunned down on his way to school. >> tonight, hundreds gathered in capital heights to remember 18-year-old mark elle ross as his killer stills ropes the streets ♪ >> reporter: they held candles and tried to be strong. >> wish i never witnessed that perfectly shaped curved smile. maybe this wouldn't hurt as bad. >> reporter: but as the loving tributes began, the teenage composure cracked and the air filled with the sobbing of sad, scared children. markell 18 was a junior at central high school in capital heights. he was walking to school along central avenue about 6:50 tuesday morning when he was thought and fatally wounded, the second prince george's high school county student murdered und
killed 30 people. the u.s. education secretary reinstated half of the fine. >>> police say the shooting at perry hall high school could have been much worse. investigators say the 15-year-old suspect was unable to access his stepfather's gun collection because it was locked in a safe. he used his father's shotgun instead. gl gladden has been charged as an adult with attempted murder. the victim is in critical condition and the family is overwhelmed with the support they are receiving. a social media campaign to help him has gone viral. lady gaga is expected to send him a gift. >>> coming up tonight, the dramatic effort to save people trapped in a burning apartment. >>> the number of people infected with a rare rodent infected with a rare rodent virus i'm barack obama and i approve this message now mitt romney's attacking the viruspresident on medicare? the nonpartisan a-a-r-p says obamacare "cracks down on medicare fraud, waste, and abuse and strengthens guaranteed benefits." and the ryan plan? a-a-r-p says it would undermine medicare and could lead to higher costs for seniors... and ex
's down to 146 pounds. gross was convicted last year of spying for the u.s. in cuba. cuba has indicated they would like to swap gross for five cuban intelligence agents sentenced to terms in this country. >>> there has been delay after delay after delay, but tonight the district says it is once again employing breathizers to test drunk en drivers. the tests had been suspended after the machines wer giving false readings. >> the blowers claimed they were punished for the results and some lost their jobs after the false reading sent them to jail. we had gary nurenberg walk a straight line to the studio for our update on this one. gary. >> reporter: derek and anita, some defendants jailed because of the false results sued the city and city cops have essentially been handcuffed in their efforts to enforce dwi laws for the last year and a half because they have been ordered not to use the machine. >> we start today, yes. we start today. >> reporter: they stopped a year and a half ago. stopped using the breathalyzers found to be incorrectly calibrated inflating readings by 20%. >> people were
this is a predecessor that hangs in the luovre. it features a woman in her 20s with her arms crossed. the painting at the louvre shows a woman in her 30s. they want to see if did it was painted by divinci. >>> we have the dip on what restaurants were busted by the health department. >>> sending dirty pictures. more teens are doing it. we're going to hear from one woman who said she made a mistake that still haunts her. this country was built by working people. the economy needs manufacturing. machines, tools, people making stuff. companies have to invest in making things. infrastructure, construction, production. we need it now more than ever. chevron's putting more than $8 billion dollars back in the u.s. economy this year. in pipes, cement, steel, jobs, energy. we need to get the wheels turning. i'm proud of that. making real things... for real. ...that make a real difference. ♪ >>> texting finding or receiving nude pictures or racy pictures over text. >> a young woman tells mike how one picture is having lifelong consequences. >> it was full body and i wish to this day i hadn't sent it becaus
. >>> the micro brew of choice for >>> a welcome renovation project in d.c.'s petworth neighborhood. the safeway in the 3800 block of georgia avenue is going to be torn down to make way for a new residential and retail building. it's the latest in a series of high profile changes in the area. it's expected to be completed in 2014. safeway will be closed starting next saturday. >>> big changes to metro's smart trip cards took effect today. if you register your card online, can you link it to a credit or debit card. that will allow you to recharge your smart trip account automatically. riders will now be required to keep a minimum balance of $1.20 on the card. if you register your card within five days, metro will give you a $3 rebate. ♪ >>> you may not know his name, but you probably know his songs. songwriter hal david died today in los angeles from complications related to a stroke. david along with his partner wrote dozens of top hits during the 1960s. both were recently honored at the white house by president obama earlier this year for their contribution to the arts. hal david was 91. >>>
begins tuesday in north carolina. there was plenty of action today. news 4s, jim vance, live in sherry lot as delegates arrive. lots of company arriving, vance. >> hi, jim. in fact nearly 6,000 delegates rolling in to charlotte over the next few days. several few thousand are on here or on their way to report on or protect or protest the democratic national convention. 2,000 officers from all over the country have been brought in to beef up the charlotte police force, an effort to keep the peace. the city has so far been accommodating of anticipated protestors here with a wide range of issue, so wide, one is inclined to conjure up marlon brando, and "the wild one" where the store keeper asked him one day, just what are you protesting? to which brando replied "what you got?" matter of fact this convention doesn't officially start until tuesday. at which time, the delegates here will bear witness to an indisputable fact of life. that is, some are more favored than others, and as it regards seating. tom sherwood has the report. >> single file. not double. single. >> you can follow us righ
in the 40s in the outlying suburbs. we'll get into the 60s by 10:00 a.m. still a little bit cool. i'll tell you about the threat for rain in your sunday forecast coming up in just a few minutes. too many americans are struggling to find work in today's economy. too many of those who are working are living paycheck to paycheck trying to make falling incomes meet rising prices for food and gas. more americans are living in poverty than when president obama took office and fifteen million more are on food stamps. president obama and i both care about poor and middle-class families. the difference is my policies will make things better for them. we shouldn't measure compassion by how many people are on welfare. we should measure compassion by how many people are able to get off welfare and get a good paying job. my plan will create twelve million new jobs over the next four years helping lift families out of poverty and strengthening the middle-class. i'm mitt romney and i approve this message because we can't afford another four years like the last four years. ♪ >> in pakistan, some 8,000 me
. i see no 90s anywhere in the forecast coming up the next seven to 14 days. 68 degrees in washington, with a brisk northwesterly wind. current temperatures low to mid-60s pretty much everywhere. the real thing you're going to notice tomorrow is how much lower the humidity will be. dewpoints dropping back into the 50s and 60s, that's the cool dry comfy air that you're going to love tomorrow. baseball weather, first pitch 1:35, 77 degrees. near perfect, nowhere near as hot or humid tomorrow. here it is on radar, the last of the rainshowers working out on to the eastern shore. rainy night along the coastline. for us, just spits and drizzles around here. the cold front itself is working its way down through parts of eastern north carolina. if i pull this all the way out, you can see the actual cold front itself from marblehead, massachusetts off the coastline, down through cape hatteras, north carolina, all the way down toward tallahassee, florida. that's one solid line of cold front that brought us the severe weather, brought new york city the severe weather as well. that cold front now
and son weather cam. the dew point starting to fall. they were well into the 60s during the day today. that dew point is in the mid 50s and winds have shifted out of the north, northwest right now instead of that strong southerly and southwesterly breeze that we had during the day. right now, boy, a big contrast in temperatures, depending on how close to the belt way you are. it's 72 downtown. but it's 46 degrees in oakland right now and 66-degrees in frederick. inbetween with your temperatures there. and it is because of that cold front that is sweeping on through, bringing that cooler and dryer air mass that we will enjoy tomorrow. so here's your weather headlines. the showers have passed and because of the cold front, we are seeing that wind shift. tomorrow the sunshine returns. the backside of that cold front has cooler and breezy conditions for us. and that will last not only on sunday, but also on monday. we're going to see cooler and somewhat breezy conditions, but monday does look good. here's a look at that storm as it pushed on through during the evening hours. still a very
to reveal details of missions. the author denies revealing military secrets. >>> a u.s. congressman from maryland is being called a life saver after helping a toddler on side the road. two-year-old nathan smith wasn't breathing and turning blue. harris who is also a medical doctor loosened smith's jaw and allowed the boy to gasp in air. nathan's grandfather thanked harris and called the boy's recovery a miracle. harris replied wishing the boy well. >>> tonight local firefighters thanked an organization with a big check. the volunteer fire department donated $10,000 to the d.c. firefighters burn foundation. in february two firefighters were injured battling a house fire. the burn foundation helps firefighters throughout the washington area with recovery and rehab. >>> next a homeowner jumps into action after a driver makes a wrong turn and lands in his pool. >>> the new tsa airport tactic that has some flyers fuming. anncr: it'll start out as concrete and steel... but it'll become so much more. a new world-class resort casino in prince george's county. two thousand construction jobs to bu
. down to 69. dew points have come up, now in the 50s. we've got the south/southwest wind. clouds in place, moisture coming our way. the atmosphere is getting a little more saturated. satellite picture radar combined, big thunderstorm through missouri. back into southern illinois. notice the frontal boundary is kind of or orienting itself this way. the front will move eastward and then sag and have an east/west orientation. it's going to play cat and mouse with us, so to speak, on thursday and friday. also it will give us a little better chance for thunderstorms tomorrow afternoon. latest computer guide models are a little more emphatic on thunderstorms and a little more instability. temperatures in the 60s. 64 in leesburg, manassas and 66 in gaithersburg. not nearly as chilly as it has been the past couple of nights. here's a look at the futurecast. in the morning, 6:30, there could be a couple of showers around, just enough to wet the roads, but nothing heavy. then we see that we go back to sunshine by, you know, 11:00 a.m.,12:00, 1:00, as clouds come back from the north. couple
to 66 at 5:00. mid-60s to mid-70s by 9:00. i think the early morning hours will be dry. look for a dry commute. we're tracking a hefty thunderstorm on live doppler. we'll talk about the potential for more storms tomorrow evening and tomorrow night. >>> for 37 years now we've been wondering and speculating what could have happened to jimmy hoffa's body. friday we could have an answer when police in michigan will dig up the cement at this home. they got a tip saying a bed was buried down there the same time the former teamsters boss disappeared. they did a radar test and it confirms that something is buried beneath that concrete. >>> tonight, singer and entertainer andy williams is being fondly remembered. ♪ moon river whiter than a mail ♪ >> williams is best known for that classic moon river. he died at the age 1r-8 4. his career started at age 7. he was singing with his brothers in iowa. at 19 he began sing on steve allen's tonight show. williams had his own show for nine years. in 1991 he moved to been son, missouri, where he opened the moon river theater. williams is survived by
in the 40s. so take a look at these numbers, 47. this is around the 7, 8:00 time period. 47 around that time to 59 in the city. a chilly start. the kids will need the jackets and you're probably going to at least need a jacket, too. and then we'll see a little bit of a warm-up. i'll show you how cool things get. >> american express is suing gary giordano, the gaithersbur g-man once suspected of a death in aruba. giordano claims gardener was swept out to sea. he spent several months in custody but was released in november because of a lack of evidence. >> police have detained a man after a high-speed chase and door-to-door searches in a residential neighborhood. the chase began when officers tried to pull a truck over for speeding with tinted windows. the driver refused to stop and led police on a chase at times faster than 80 miles an hour. two bailed out and surrendered to police moments ago. >> another developing story tonight, 400,000 chicago students will not be back in class tomorrow as parents search for child care. no deal tonight and a teacher strike will continue into its second day
. right now, temperatures out there into the 70s. but earlier today we hit 89 degrees and the dew point in the 70s was able to get us up to a heat index into the low 90s. a very warm and humid day all across the area. severe weather tomorrow, yeah, for sure. i do think we're going to see a pretty good chance of that. 78 now with winds out south at 9 miles per hour. as far as the temperatures go, we're on the mild side. 79 in leesburg. 72 in culpepper. 74 fredericksburg. 75 on the river. nothing on the radar yet except in the west. this is a very strong line of thunderstorms right now. numerous severe thunderstorm watches. the yellow boxes are all severe thunderstorm warnings. there have been a couple of tornado warnings out here. that will translate our way during the day tomorrow. the storm prediction center has our area and a flight risk for severe weather. we'll get strong thunderstorms, 30% chance those will come severe. to the north, philadelphia, portions of new york, northeastern portions of maryland, we're talking about a moderate risk. that's a very significant risk. upwards of
american interest overseas is spreading tonight all because of a movie. protesters in libya stormed the u.s. consulate. shot one american to death and set the building on fire. muslims are upset over a film made by an american that ridicules the prophet, muhammad. they asked libya's president to arrange for additional security for the americans in the country. >> the husband of a woman killed in police in a high-profile shooting has been found dead himself. workers found culpepper today. his wife, patricia, was found dead in february. that led to a multi-million dollar lawsuit. cook may have been dead for several days. so far, there are no signs of foul play. >> campus controversy. a professor at an american university takes her baby to class and breast feeds in front of students. shamari stone joins us outside live. >> reporter: this breast-feeding professor is the talk of social media, the nation and today's campus. >> i don't go to class when i feel >> she started breast-feeding in the middle of production. >> reporter: mallory says she brought her infant daughter to class and breast-fed
of flooding is not over in d.c.'s bloomingdale neighborhood. >> i'm doreen gentzler. >> and i'm jim rosenfield. jim vance is on assignment at the democratic national convention. >>> the remnants of hurricane isaac could cause hask for tomorrow's commute. >> doug kammerer tells us what to expect. >> you add in everybody going to work and school and you are dealing with a mess on the roadways because of the weather too. the dew point of 74, humidity way up there right now. we have a heat index of 82 at this hour. it shows you the moisture in the atmosphere. all we need is a spark. the remnants of isaac are off to our west. and more rain up in the baltimore area where they have seen a lot of rain during the day today. this is the rain to the south that will make its way up here throughout the rest of the night. is it not moving through the area very fast. some areas could see 1 to 2 inches of rain overnight and into tomorrow morning. you will most likely need the umbrella as you step out. it may not be raining when you step out the front door but when you come home. the temperatures between 69 an
. >> a passenger hauled off a u.s. airways flight at gunpoint. police were told he was carrying explosives. but that wasn't the case. this flight was on the way from philly to dallas when authorities got an anonymous phone call about a dangerous passenger aboard. the plane was turned around in midair and christopher shell was taken off in handcuffs. after an investigation, police determined the call was a hoax. late today, f.b.i. agents question shell's exgirlfriend investigating will the hoax was an act of revenge in time for a personal dispute. >> officials say a man from northeast died from the virus. it comes a week after maryland reported its first death from the infection which is commonly spread by mosquitos. health officials expect this year to be particularly bad for west nile. so far, 2,000 kascases have bee reported and 87 people have died. >>> we'd like to clarify a story that we said last night. supervisors will vote this coming monday on whether to spray a tick-killing insecticide on the perimeters of county parks and elementary schools. this will not be aerial spraying but,
. 40s and 50s with west winds at 5 to 15 miles per hour. taking a look at the zones, we are going to get into the 60s tomorrow, and that's where we'll stop. 69 degrees in warrenton, and we will be very chilly for this time of year throughout the entire area, he is special along the chesapeake. only 70 in an appear play, 70 at andrews air force base. 68 degrees in pax river for your temperature tomorrow. over the next three days we will start to get milder. 76 degrees on tuesday. on wednesday the showers move in, and so does the mild eight, so unfortunately we can't get the mild air and the dry conditions at the same time, but we will have a beautiful tuesday, i think that might be the pick of the week, with a high of 76 degrees and lots of sunshine. that mid-week storm system that produced the showers will be off and on for wednesday, thursday, maybe even friday before the storm system moves out. we're going keep the weekend dry. we're continuing to track a system that might bring us a shower. it's a coastal system that could bring aus shower. we're going to keep it offshore for n
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